For Vitamin Product Label Owners & Retailers
Focus on your core business and use Pick Pack America as your fulfillment warehouse. We specialize in distributing vitamins for label owners.

We only work with a limited number of businesses. We pay close attention to existing clients and therefore cannot accept all new accounts. Looking for small to medium B2C vitamin distribution companies to work with.
Pick Pack America, Inc.connects seamlessly to your company website and ships out your orders the same day if received before 12:00PM Pacific Time (excluding weekends and holidays). Here is a list of shopping carts we are setup to connect to.

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Advantages of Pick Pack America’s Services

  • Experience: Over 20 years working with UPS, FedEx, DHL
  • Regulatory Compliance and Certification: Our parent company is registered with FDA and is certified cGMP compliant with Underwriters Laboratory (UL), NSF International, and Natural Product Association (NPA).
  • Climate Control: Our warehouse is air conditioned.
  • Optimized Workflows: We organize our operations with you in mind.
  • Reduce Chargeback Fines by Reducing: (1) late delivery (2) wrong bill of lading (3) incorrect label (4) invalid ASN (5) incorrect product shipped (6) shortage in product shipped
  • Get Up and Running Fast: After we both decide to work together we connect directly to the back end of your website. When you approve your order, it will be shipped without delay.
  • Ease Your Administrative Burden: Don’t hire a shipping team and operate a whole warehouse. Work with a team that pays attention to your customers and responds to your company needs.
  • Reduce Overhead Costs for Pick and Pack Fulfillment: We are small enough to pay attention to small companies and large enough to get the job done!
  • Amazon Prime: We are soon to be approved by Amazon to ship “Amazon Prime” orders directly from our warehouse. This is especially beneficial for those wanting to ship liquid glass bottles over 4 fl. oz. since those are impossible to store and ship with Amazon Prime from an Amazon-owned warehouse.
Certifications You Can Rely On:
Our Parent Company, PureNSM, is Certified and Registered by the Following Group of Companies

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